Les Deux Love Orchestra
Music From Les Deux Cafes by Les Deux Love Orchestra Produced by Bobby Woods  King Kong by Les Deux Love Orchestra Produced by Bobby Woods  Ecstasy by Les Deux Love Orchestra Produced by Bobby Woods

Les Deux Love Orchestra America's Most Popular Modern Orchestra Sensation!

Les Deux Love Orchestra. Nothing like this has ever been published before!


Bobby Woods: Voice & Orchestration

Bob DiChiro: Accordion & Estey

Larry Klein: Bass & Wah Wah Guitar

Larry Klimas: Saxophone & Clarinet

Albert Wing: Saxophone & Clarinet

Sheldon Gomberg: Bass

Larry Treadwell: Guitars & Mandolin

Andrew Golomb: Drums

Gerry Beckley: Baritone Guitar/Voice

Dewey Bunnell: Voice

David E. Storrs: Guitar

Bob Bain: Guitar

Novi Novog: Viola

Michèle Lamy: Voice

Robert Lamm: Voice

Kendal Brenneman: Voice

Alex Edenborough: Voice

Penelope Fortier: Voice

Monty Montgomery: Voice

Reginald Hunter: Roland TR-808

Jean Sudbury: Violin

Robin Lorentz: Violin

Matt Coker: Cello

Jay Roewe: Keyboards

Bert Fields: Vibes

Page Cavanaugh: Piano

Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Guitar

Mike Miller: Guitar

Mike O'Neill: Guitar

Sumner Mering: Guitar

Tom Scott: Saxophone

Dave C. Norman: Trumpet

Lee Thornberg: Trumpet

Walt Fowler: Trumpet

Nick Lane: Trombone

Eric Jorgensen: Trombone

George McMullen: Trombone

Danny Frankel: Percussion

Jim McCarty: Drums

Tom Sweet: Harmonica

Bill Thiederman: Effects

Bill Drescher: Additional Mixing

Chris Douridas & Tom Schnabel

Major Guidance & Recommendations

Sheri Howell / Howell Heavy Industries



Thank you, very much for listening.

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